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The regime has grown over the years so I plan to take you through the developments as they happened over the years

Starting with Maitland mobilisations, which I was first introduced to in physiotherapy school before they even got into the syllabus. I had a stiff neck and was terrified of having the forceful manipulations I was being taught to do in school. Indeed I had been in tears over them: not wanting to do them ever to another person.

Maitland mobilisations were so gentle and effective I was completely won over as was half of the profession. For more information click on Maitland mobilisations

I had the privilege of presenting a paper at World Congress in1995 and where I  met him in person- a great thrill.

They have proved to be the mainstay treatment for all  acute back pain episodes to the present day.

REGAINING  FULL  RANGE  OF  SPINAL  JOINT MOVEMENT  This allows any adhesions at nerve root level to be teased away, thus resolving  referred pain elsewhere.

The DENTAL CONNECTION with the spine and thorax  was the next break through. Obvious really. I had a group of patients that even though I could get them out of trouble I just knew they would be back sooner or later A chance meeting with a dentist initiated by a patient gave me the breakthrough I needed

The difficult back patients have a greater level of occlusal crass –bite than their luckier easy to resolve patients.

CRANIO GROUP This was when I met up with the dentists  both in UK and from USA .I found that these dentists used body workers physiotherapists-chiropractors and osteopaths to work with their patients body so that the teeth corrections would hold.

I had an eureka moment when I understood that my patients who could not hold my corrections for long all had this problem with their teeth.

The most sophisticated way of dealing with these problems was chiropractic. So of course I just had to be able to learn this work.

It was  N.O.T. – Neural Organisation Technique. Taught by American chiropractor Carl Ferreri. I was allowed to have lessons with Louis Collingwood in England. These lessons went on for 4 years  on a two days a month basis

So most grown up cross bite patients are grown up Dyslexics WOW

Most people  do not have a perfect bite . To be perfect each upper tooth should mesh with its lower tooth at 4 points of contact.

 But many children have their teeth either taken out or pushed or pulled into a ‘better’ position.

 All this is done without questioning what effect this will have on the cranial plates and to the detriment of spinal structures and thence  the proper functioning of the spine

Most people can accommodate to a multitude of small errors in this area but the more errors the nearer the person is to pain if  an injury takes place.

The beauty of NOT is that a body can be checked out long before pain is experienced

N.O.T. checks so many systems of the body that treatment can be given before pain arises. It means that we can keep our patients out of pain for longer after treatment and do some preventative work as well, instead of waiting until the patient is in pain again,

Once patients realise this they send their children and relatives and friends to be checked out- prevention being better than cure


N.O.T. is divided into three sections :- structural, biochemical and  emotional.

The biochemical  and  the emotional sections all have structural subroutines that need  structure to be  finely tuned to work correctly.

 For example  if the thoracic spine at levels T2 and T3 are incorrectly aligned then the length of the big toe flexors  and ankle plantar flexors will become shorter This then leads to  shortening of the pectoralis minor  minor muscle. This then alters the posture of the throat and thence the head.  When this happens the precise little nod ,needed to be performed constantly by the neck muscles during all normal movements, ceases to function.

This means that the pituitary gland is not stimulated to produce enough adrenalin.

We all know that feeling like the dinosaur whose get up and go had got up and gone.

So, by seating the thoracic spine correctly and stretching the big toe flexors , we can improve energy levels significantly

So many chiropractors just do the bone crunching treatments, which  is such a pity. However N.O.T. requires persistence and high course fees  to learn .

N.O.T.  has the reputation of being the best applied kinesiology in the world


THE ESOTERIC side of N.O.T.  became obvious to me very quickly. We were doing far more than just moving bodies.

TUNING FORKS were introduced to the practice in 2002 They are a way of making changes happen in the body. Vibrations to the subtle body can make changes in the physical body. We as physiotherapists have long known the beneficial effects of Ultra sound, using sound that could not be heard by the human ear. How much more effective were these sounds that could be heard and focused their effect  on places in the body that were  impossible to palpate. Another whole other world was opened to me.

It became clear to me that We in the West study the body and all parts that can be dissected. We have adopted ACUPUNCTURE and use it as a modality in Physiotherapy now.

IN INDIA  they discovered the NADIS and Chakras . Nadis are an intricate set of connections  that pull energy towards the chakras. If the Chakras  are blocked for long ,the body is deprived of energy

. IN  THE West are aware of the Field and its place in Quantum Mechanics. In Physiotherapy a group of us are aware of this and are studying it. We have a special interest group called A.C.P.E.M. We gather information and publish it in our Newsletter and invite speakers from this country and around the world to come to our Annual Conference. This is supported by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy.

IN CHINA  the meridians were discovered.  Acupuncture  is used to such good effect both by them and in a  watered down way by us in the West.

 So, ENERGY is drawn into the body through the nadis, chakras and meridians and is absorbed into the body. The sites of the chakras seem to coincide with the  sympathetic  nervous system sites in the body. Housed in the subtle body are the Higher self and the Soul both of whom can be brought into help with healing .Kinesiology allows us a dialogue with these parts of us.

Be sure to work towards the cleansing of the soul., this was what my Grandmother taught me when I was little. ‘That’s what we are here to do’ she would tell me. By good works’ she would say. ‘by making your body a temple to God’ seemed another way of saying ‘eat your greens up’.

All  healers and medicine men seem to see the diseases of the body as a lack of union with god or gods and to be dealt with that first.

Have we in the West missed something fundamental?

We as therapists seek to work in a way that keys in to ancient Knowledge There are many ways to work to prepare  both ourselves and our workrooms for the subtle work to be done.

My way of seeing this is that’ it ‘s not what you do it’s the way that you do it’ that matters

What we here in Sheffield  aim to create is a calm sacred space in which to work where you as the patient feels safe and un rushed. In fact we now know this as Infinity time the Therapeutic Bubble. I think we all  know that oury best work is done in this atmosphere. You will have felt it in exams that are just going really  well. Weall know that sometimes we just know that it’s not  worth doing a job in the mood we are in right now. The job will drag on, go wrong and know we might just as well go and do something else.

Oh to find the way to have that good feeling every working day.

So, this is what we energy workers are looking for.

 We have a special interest group –A.C.P.E.M. funded by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy where we have a forum and a place to meet like minded physiotherapists and exchange ideas. I have been a member for the last 7 years.

How will all this be applied to you the prospective New Patient?

Go to the next section to find out